Step By Step Travel Insurance Application

This Step by Step Travel Insurance Application Guide is aimed at visitors with pre existing conditions who are looking to source competitive Travel Insurance.

We would always suggest that you read our full travel insurance article before making any application and as always this guide should only be used as one of your research tools.

To use the Step by Step Travel Insurance Application Guide simply proceed through each step until you have the cover you are happy with. Please make sure that you read all the conditions of any policy bought and you are happy that the contract meets your needs.

Do you already have Travel Insurance Cover?

It is possible that you already have an existing policy without realising it. Do you pay a monthly fee for your bank account? Does your House Insurance also cover Travel Insurance?

If you find that you do have cover then you need to either carefully check your documents or ring your Insurance Provider and ask if they automatically cover you pre existing conditions. The chances are that unless the conditions is very mild the answer will be ‘No’ but it is worth asking!


If you have identified that you have an existing policy but it won’t automatically cover your Pre Existing Condition then you need to go through their Medical Screening Process. This is usually completed over the phone by answering a few questions.

The Medical Screening phone number will either be on the company’s website or contained within their policy documents.

Once you have completed the Screening they will advise you if they can cover your Pre Existing Condition and at what cost.

This will provide you with a good starting point to compare other companies prices.


The next stage is to obtain prices from online comparison sites that specialise in travel insurance for Pre Existing Conditions.

There are many of these sites available and most will provide you with quotes from multiple insurance companies. Below we have provided a selection to try. They range from offering cover from mild to very severe and even terminal conditions.

Just click the company name to be taken to their quote system.

Just Travel Cover*
  • Can provide cover for mild to severe or even terminal conditions.
  • If you prefer to talk to one of their specialists, you can call 0800 458 9614.
Medical Travel Compared*
  • Providing quotes from over 40 companies they offer one of the widest choices of cover.
World First
  • Approaching from a slightly different angle World First provide quotes based on your current medication.
  • They also operate a telephone quote system.
All Clear Travel
  • Providing cover for more severe conditions.
  • They will accept any age of Traveller.
  • Again, a telephone quote line is available.
  • Specialist for more severe conditions including secondary cancers and some terminal conditions.
  • We recommend ringing Clear2Go if your pre existing condition is very serious as they have some rates available just by telephone.


If you have still not sourced suitable cover after following the three steps above, then please try steps 4 and 5 below. Please note that these steps DO NOT give comprehensive cover so please consider their limitations carefully.

If you are travelling to a country within the European Economic Area (EEA) then this step may meet your needs.

If you are travelling outside the EEA please move to Step 5.

A good compromise is an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) Top Up Policy. These policies are little known but they add the ‘travel insurance’ benefits to your EHIC card. This then provides you with cover such as luggage loss, cancellation and repatriation while your EHIC Card still takes care of your medical cover.

Please see our Tricks of the Trade section for more information on these policies and their restrictions.

EHIC Plus Expand 
  • Mild pre existing conditions are automatically covered. The conditions covered are named on their website (click to view)
  • If your condition isn’t named then it is excluded and you should consider Europe Plus Cover.
Europe Plus Cover
  • They offer Medical screening for pre existing conditions (click to view)

These policies will only be applicable if you have a valid EHIC card. If your card has expired or you need a new card you can apply online. You can apply for a free new card here.

Due to leaving the EU the terms of the EHIC card may alter. The most up to date information can be found at We would also suggest you read the excellent information at Money Saving Expert and speak to your insurer for clarification before purchasing a policy.


It is possible to arrange travel insurance and have some, or all, of your pre existing medical conditions excluded.

The advantage of this is that you obtain a cheaper priced policy. The big disadvantage is that you are taking a huge financial risk.

Many insurance companies do not provide you with this option. You are asked questions in the Medical Screening process and are then presented with a cost for the pre existing cover included. If you are not happy with the price they will not offer cover.

One Insurer who will offer you the option to exclude your conditions is Citybond.

For more information please visit Can I exclude cover for my illness?.


We hope you have found this Step by Step Travel Insurance Application guide helpful. As ever please make sure you check policy cover and wording before you buy to make sure that it suits your needs. This site should only be used as part of your own research to find the most suitable contract.