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Online Life Insurance Quotes for Pre Existing Conditions in minutes

Life Insurance Pre existing conditions

Everyone with a pre-existing condition should try this – period!

Our Friends and ‘Top Pick’ at iam|INSURED* have developed the Life Insurance ‘Holy Grail’.

If you have a pre existing condition and you need Life Insurance, you will probably have experienced the pain of the application process.

  • Endless phone calls
  • Endless questions
  • Endless paperwork
  • Endless delays waiting for Doctors reports
  • Endless delays waiting for Insurance Companies decisions

“Why can’t I just enter my details once online and get a quote?”

Until now likely answers you will have received would have been

  • ‘Because you can’t’
  • ‘It’s too complicated’
  • ‘Each insurer asks different questions
  • ‘It’s impossible’

Instant Quote*

Making the Impossible Possible

Well, iam|INSURED* have found a solution.

They have developed a unique quote system that asks all the usual medical question ONCE online.

The information is then sent to a comprehensive panel of Top Insurance Companies and they instantly** provide a fully underwritten quotation.

  • Enter your details once
  • Receive a competitive quote
  • Complete the purchase online

Plus, if you require any help iam|INSURED* have a team of pre existing life insurance experts on the end of the phone to help you.

Who should use the system?

We would suggest this is a must for anyone with a medical condition who:

  • is interested in a new Life Insurance Policy
  • has an existing Life Insurance Policy (they may be able to make substantial savings)
  • has been previously declined

iam|INSURED* have been one of our Top Pick Life Insurance providers for clients with pre existing conditions for a number of years, they have over 700 Feefo 5 Star Reviews and over 20 years’ experience in this specialised market.

Take 10 minutes and give them a go!

Instant Quote*

**Instant quotes are provided for many conditions, especially common conditions and/or mild conditions. There will be circumstances where additional underwriting is required and you will instantly be informed if that is the case.