About Pre Existing Conditions

At Pre Existing Conditions we care passionately about making sure that our visitors with medical conditions have access to well researched information relating to financial products without any underlying agenda, financial or otherwise.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Paul Mellor and I am the Editor in Chief of the Pre Existing Conditions website.

I worked in the Financial Services industry for over 30 years, in Banking, in Insurance, as an Independent Financial Advisor and finally as the founder and Managing Director of the first and one of the largest brokers in the UK that solely specialised in finding financial products for people with pre existing medical conditions.

In 2015 I sold the business and intended to slip into early retirement, however after taking a step back for a few years I still feel there is work to be done in the sector. I see and hear of too many horror stories of people with medical conditions not being treated fairly, mainly due to a lack of awareness of the products and providers that can help them.

Over the last few years I have received many requests for help from family, friends and complete strangers about various financial products. So I have eventually decided to create a website that hopefully meets the needs of these people.

This information on this website does NOT constitute financial advice, we are neither a Financial Advisor or a Broker, and I would always recommend that you do your own research to make sure any products are right for your particular circumstances. What we aim to do is point you in the right direction and answer the most common questions that are asked.

The website is written with a strict editorial code and details of this together with information on how we are financed can be found here. I hope you enjoy the content and find it useful.

Our team has extensive knowledge of the Financial Industry and in particular how this relates to people living with illness. Our staff have decades of experience in this area and we wanted to create a valuable, trustworthy resource so you can be confident of obtaining value for money.

Our Editor, in 1999, set up the first website in the UK that specialised in sourcing financial products for clients with pre existing medical conditions. Following the sale of this business in 2015 he had the vision of creating this site to pass on the knowledge gained over those years and making sure people had an information resource they felt they could trust.

All our articles are researched and written with the sole purpose of providing information on the best ways to obtain competitive products.

We don’t allow any adverts on the site. We won’t allow anyone to pay to be recommended on the site. Our Editorial Policy is that we always research our articles with a view to providing our visitors with an informed path to value for money products.

As I am sure you will appreciate, we do however have costs involved in running the site, providing the content, running premises etc. You will therefore note that some links from the site are marked with an asterix ‘*’. If you click on one of these links and eventually buy a product then the provider will usually pay our website a split of any commission generated. This is called an affiliate link.

In additional to the affiliate links marked with an asterix we also use Skimlinks which work in a similar manner. Skimlinks is a software used by many websites such as Telegraph.co.uk, Mumsnet and Money Saving Expert. As Skimlinks has an ever changing list of providers it would be unworkable to denote each skimlink with an asterix however you can be assured that the destination of the skimlink will be identical to the original link.

Our research is not influenced by whether a provider offers an affiliate link or not. We firstly  complete our research, conclude who we think offers value for money, write and publish our article. Once that process is complete we ask the featured providers if they offer affiliate link. If they do we include the link, if they don’t the article remains unaltered.

We are not a Broker, we are not Financial Advisors (although this is our background) we are an information service. The website shouldn’t be considered as Financial Advice it should be looked at as an information tool to point you in the right direction to receiving appropriate advice and a value for money product.

I hope this clarifies how we operate the site and how it is financed and I truly hope you find it useful.