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Why do you need a specialist broker for life insurance if you have diabetes?

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Living with diabetes can be extremely difficult, especially when it comes to getting life insurance. Life insurance is important for individuals with diabetes as they have a higher risk of developing serious conditions. Sadly, getting life insurance for diabetics can be a complicated procedure. Many insurance companies either reject cover or charge higher premiums because of the perceived risk. This is where a specialist broker for life insurance can come in handy.


We will look at the following things in this blog post:


  • The Challenges of Obtaining Life Insurance for Diabetes
  • Why do you need a specialist broker for life insurance if you have diabetes?
  • The Advantages of using a Broker.
  • What they can do to help you in getting the right cover.


The Challenges of Obtaining Life Insurance for Diabetes


Diabetes affects your body’s ability to process glucose which is why individuals face symptoms of dizziness and feeling weak. Diabetes has two types: Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 diabetes stops the body from producing insulin, whereas Type 2 diabetes makes it challenging for the body to use insulin. These conditions can cause other problems like kidney failure and heart disease.


Many with diabetes face major problems when it comes to getting life insurance. Diabetes is viewed as a high-risk condition by many insurance companies, which means that they either deny cover or charge higher prices. This might make it difficult for those with diabetes to receive the cover they require to protect their loved ones.


Why do you need a specialist broker for life insurance if you have diabetes?


A life insurance specialist broker can assist you in overcoming the challenges of getting life insurance for diabetics. Because they have worked with clients with diabetes, specialist brokers understand the insurance industry’s difficulties. Working with a life insurance specialist broker has numerous advantages; here are a few of them:


Experience in negotiating quotes with insurers – 

Specialist brokers have experience bargaining with insurers on their client’s behalf. They understand how to portray your case most favourably to obtain the greatest possible price.


Connections to Specialist Insurers – 

Specialist brokers have access to insurers that specialise in supporting diabetic life insurance. These insurers understand the condition better so they’re more likely to provide cover at reasonable costs.


Save time & effort –

Instead of spending too much time researching insurance companies and their cover, a specialised broker can use their knowledge to find the lowest price for you. They can also support you in getting the relevant medical information and paperwork required by insurance providers, saving you the time and effort of doing it on your own.


A specialist broker can also assist with tackling any possible problems that may develop during the application procedure. For example, a specialist broker can negotiate on your behalf and uncover alternative solutions that better fit your needs if an insurance company rejects your application or offers a cover that is not ideal.


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What they can do to help you in getting the right cover.


A specialist broker can guide you in choosing the most suitable life insurance cover. Here’s how a specialised broker can greatly help:


Help with Making the Applications –

A specialist broker can help you prepare your life insurance application to guarantee it meets the requirements of the insurance company.


Assess your medical history –

A life insurance specialist will go over your medical history, especially your diabetes diagnosis, treatments, and prescriptions. The insurance specialist will use this data to figure out which insurers are likely to offer cover and at what cost.


Helping with Medical Exams –

Some insurance companies require medical examinations as part of the application process. An insurance specialist broker can assist in terms of how to prepare for the examination and what is going to be expected.


Additionally, a specialist broker can also help you with improving lifestyle habits which would improve the chances of being approved by the requirements. The lifestyle changes the insurance specialist broker may recommend can help control your diabetes and improve your overall health, which can in turn increase your chances of being approved for a policy. Click here if you want to read more about improving lifestyle habits for cheaper life insurance.


Finally, if you have diabetes and need life insurance, it is vital to speak with a specialist broker who is familiar with the specific problems and criteria of acquiring cover for this condition. They can help you identify the correct insurance, offer useful advice on how to improve your chances of approval, and conduct the application procedure on your behalf.


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