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Hotels – Beat the Best Price by over 10%

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Hotels – Obtain the very best price, then reduce it by over 10%

I love travelling, I love Hotels and I love paying as little as possible.

By using this method I’ve reduced the costs of my hotel bills AND had 8 free nights in the last couple of years.

It’s a bit fiddly and adds an extra 10 minutes to the process of booking a room but it works and sitting in a free hotel room makes it all worth it!

So here we go, step by step.

  • Search for your hotel using
  • Sign up for’s Reward Programme
  • Pick, but DON’T book your hotel and obtain your price (let’s say it is £500 for a weeks stay)
  • Now search for the same hotel on Trivago
  • Is it cheaper?……. let’s say by using Trivago you find it for £450 on (it must be the same room type, same dates, cancellation conditions etc)
  • To keep a record of the price offered take a screenshot of the details and save the webpage to your favourites.
  • Sign up for a cash back site such as Top Cash Back or Quidco
  • Search for on your chosen Cash Back site (Top Cash Back or Quidco) – they offer cashback usually between 2% and 8%)
  • Go through to via the Cashback site and book your hotel
  • Once confirmed contact to price match your price. Their Price Match form can be found here.
  • They should then refund you the difference between the amount you paid (£500) and the cheaper price you found through Trivago (£450) so a nice £50 refund.

So here’s the Maths!

We will presume you were going to pay the cheapest price possible which was £450 at will match this price so they will refund you £50

You will then receive let’s say 4% (of the £450) cashback from Top Cash Back or Quidco = £18

You will also receive a reward night from the reward programme for each 10 nights booked = an equivalent discount of 10% = £45

So overall you have an equivalent net cost of £450- £18 -£45 = £387

If you compare this to the original price of £500 it is an equivalent discount of £113 or 22%

Once you have signed up to the Reward Programme and the Cashback site the system becomes a lot easier. You can even book rooms for your family and friends, share the discounts, earn extra free nights and take them away with you!!

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