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Declined Life Insurance – Guaranteed Cover is available.

Declined Life Insurance

Continually Declined Life Insurance?

Try our Step by Step Process to Guarantee cover

If you have a pre existing condition finding life insurance can be difficult.

If your condition is mild or moderate or even ‘moderately’ severe you should be able to secure cover by using a specialist pre existing conditions life insurance Broker such as Cura Insurance*.

However in some circumstance even the Specialists cannot help and this can lead to financial exposure for your loved ones if the worst happens, leaving them with a big hole in their finances.

Being declined for life insurance can cause real stress at a time when this is the last thing you need.

Most Brokers will do the utmost to find you cover for your pre existing condition, not only because they are generally decent people but also because they don’t get paid if they don’t find you cover! Once they have exhausted all their avenues to find you life insurance what happens then?

We have sourced information on some policies that will 100% guarantee you life insurance cover whatever your pre existing medical condition, even if you have been declined multiple times.

Sounds too good to be true?…….. well yes it is, there are certain limitations BUT these ‘Last Resort’ policies could well be your only option, in which case they provide a real lifeline.

First things First.

Make sure you cannot obtain cover in any other way.

Use our Step by Step Application Guide to see if you can obtain a ‘Standard’ Policy before looking at the Last Resort Options.

Once you have reached STEP Four on our STEP by STEP application process you will need to read our Full Guide on Last Resort Policies to understand the options available and see the links to start the application process.

Some sort of Life Insurance really is available for all, even if you have been declined multiple times in the past.

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