Contollo Ltd

Pre Existing Conditions is a trading name of Contollo Ltd.

At Contollo Ltd our background is based on the ethical marketing of niche Financial Services products.

Director, Paul Mellor, founded the first website in the UK specialising in sourcing Financial Products for clients with pre existing medical conditions. The business grew from a one page website generating a handful of enquiries to what many feel is now the top website in the country for helping clients who have medical conditions, In 2015 Paul sold this business and is using the experience gained to help other businesses achieve their goals. 

Over the years we have gained many contacts in many areas and we are happy to use this valuable information and resource to promote your business.  

 We have extensive experience in the Charity sector and believe many Charities are missing a real chance to make a difference to their members by not providing a Financial Services option. This is often due to a lack of knowledge of the Industry and not knowing ‘where to start’. We can provide that knowledge.

If you would like to contact Paul to see if we can help your business or charity thrive email him on