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Cheap European Travel Insurance – ‘Secret Tip’

Travel Insurance Pre Existing Conditions

Has your travel insurance been ridiculously expensive?

If you’re travelling in Europe try this ‘secret’ trick that could save £100’s

If you are travelling to Europe with a serious pre existing medical condition and you need travel insurance the policy costs can potentially run into £100’s.

We are aware of many people who have prematurely stopped going on holiday simply due to the cost of Travel Insurance. Or even worse travelled on holiday with no cover for their pre existing condition, risking potential financial ruin!

We may have the answer through the use of a little known, almost ‘secret’ policy.

First of all a standard warning – If you can obtain competitive cover for your pre existing condition using a standard Travel Insurance Policy it will offer you a more comprehensive cover than the ‘secret’ policy. We would therefore suggest going through our step by step application process to see if you can find a suitable standard policy.

OK, done that? …. Not found anything suitable?…….. then let’s divulge the ‘secret’!

You may be aware that as an EEA citizen (which we are at time of publication!) you are eligible for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) , this will allow you to access the state run medical facilities of the EEA country you are visiting. (in simplistic terms the equivalent of their NHS). This access is granted even if you have a pre existing medical condition.

This is great, but it ISN’T travel insurance. It won’t cover you for holiday cancellation, lost luggage, repatriation etc so you can still potentially lose £1000’s if you have problems while you are away.

The ‘secret’ policy plugs this gap.

It will leave the majority of your Health Care to the EHIC Card but will bolt on the extras you would normally receive from a travel insurance policy.

As the majority of the Health Care risk is dealt with by the EHIC Card the ‘secret’ policy is offered at a very affordable premium and may make the difference between you going away or staying at home!

You must however be aware that the EHIC Card only provides medical cover in State Run Facilities. So if you are taken ill make sure you are taken to a Doctor or Hospital that accepts the EHIC Card otherwise you may be faced with a large bill. (ie in the UK you would ask to go to a NHS Hospital not a Private one).

To apply for a free EHIC Card please click here.

To read our full travel insurance guide realting to pre existing medical conditions click here

The ‘secret’ Plans are offered by EHIC Plus Expand but this only includes certain named pre existing medical conditions, all other conditions are excluded.

If your medical conditions are not named on the EHIC Plus Expand policy then you should consider the Europe Plus Cover. Please check the details of their medical screening requirements.

Due to leaving the EU the terms of the EHIC card may alter. The most up to date information can be found at We would also suggest you read the excellent information at Money Saving Expert and speak to your insurer for clarification before purchasing a policy.

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