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Are you missing out on the Benefits you’re entitled to?

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Living with an illness can be hard. It can also have a dramatic effect on your finances. At Pre Existing Conditions we want to ensure that you are receiving all the help you are entitled to.

In 2018 the Government released figures estimating that over £10 billion of various benefits and support were left unclaimed, in just one single year.

Let me write that figure again just in case you missed it £10 Billion!

The Department for Works and Pensions (DWP) estimate that around 40% of families that could claim Pension Credit failed to make the claim, leaving them missing out around £2500 per annum.

So why are people not claiming?

There are various and complex reasons, some just do not know they are eligible, some just don’t want to claim and some fear the stigma of claiming benefits.

Are you one of the people who deserve more help?

You can easily check your main benefit entitlement by using the website ‘Entitled to’.

Simply browse to to be directed to their online Benefits Checker. It’s free, anonymous, accurate and most of all takes only approximately 10 minutes. We would however always recommend you have a final check with the DWP to get an exact figure.